About Us

The Student Government Association is a student run organization that unites and inspires students to succeed in life. We provide an atmosphere where we advocate, educate, and serve all students at SUNY Old Westbury. SGA inspires future student leaders to create organizations for the student body, discover unfound talents and cultivate creative thinking for the betterment of the Old Westbury community. Through student involvement, SGA dedicates its operation to the enhancement of the college experience.

Goals of the SGA

Below are some of the many goals that the SGA hopes to achieve.

Build a sense of community at Old Westbury

The SGA plans to build a transparent, encouraging and innovative community on our campus.

Achieve equality in all forms

The SGA works toward reaching a level where all students have equal opportunity through advocacy.

Provide helpful information

The SGA makes an active effort to provide useful resources to all students on this campus.

Add to student life

The SGA overall hopes to enhance the college experience for every student at SUNY Old Westbury through activism, programming and community initiatives.

Who is SGA?

Professional Staff:

Advisor, Samantha Kloeckener-Soszynski

Business Manager, Michael Castonguay

Executive Board:

President/CEO, Oluwademilade Ogunlade (Olu)

Executive Vice President, Kimberly Cox (Kim)

Director of Clubs & Organizations, Toni-Alexis Leone (Toni)

Director of Communications, Wadeanthony Burke (Wade)

Chief Financial Officer, Ammar Koshk

Executive Secretary/Statistician, Seirrah Brown

Director of Programming, Ruth Addo-Danso


Anne Isabelle Laforest (Campus Life)

Odaine Hayles (Campus Life)

Janay Jackson (Academic)

Kaytania Smith (Campus Life)

Andrew Frett (Campus Life)

Alisha Ulloa (Academic)

Clarissa J Metellus (Academic)

D'Andra Barksdale (Academic)

Ciara Green (Campus Life)

House of Representatives:

Katrina Abichet

Jacob Mott